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By random chance or keen discernment, you’ve entered the realm of a struggling freelance writer. Years back the great American novel of mine was put on hold. There were the family, college, and a full employment job to occupy my time. It felt great in July 1965, when my first short story was published. I retired 45 years later. Which isn’t an euphorism for "rusted out." So now it’s time to fulfill a dream.

This blog is more about writing and the life spent in Greensboro, NC. Along the way, I married a southern belle, the lady of my life and the keeper of my heart. Then came two sons Robert, Roger and one daughter Yvette. After three evolutions of child in diapers, the terrible two’s, and teen years we escaped to being alone again. Just the two of us no kids! The year before the alone years are referred to as the "I don’t know years." Courtesy of our children of past who finally realized that we actually did know something of value and now kneel at the feet of their mother and father. "Dear Mother, dear Father pray, speak to us of your wisdom. We will listen attentively." We do our best to help our brain dead children survive and prosper.

My lady, Doris Newton, is an Aggie Graduate of NC Agriculture & Technical University of Greensboro. She spent 30 years with Duke Energy marketing electric power. Taking it from just lighting a home to, heating, cooling, cooking, doing the dishes and keeping the TV on. She welcomes the new ladies into college during their freshman year. She serves her alumni, church, community and thank God me. Her passion is tennis which she plays still.

After graduating from Marist of Poughkeepsie and serving eight years in the USAF Security Service I went to work for IBM. There 32 years as a communications network consultant systems engineer for IBM was spent. I don’t miss the travel, quotas, or being moved. Back then the design goal was software applications that took the computer from the back office to the front office. The goal a computer in every home. We never dreamed of a computer in every hand. I allowed workers to employ that dreaded excuse. "Our computer is down. We can’t work."

Over the years time was spent writing short stories. Two of which were published and others rejected. Still the thrill of being paid to tell a story excites me yet. Now retired, I find myself returning to the things enjoyed earlier. I have time to enjoy them now. To be able to retire and determine the direction of my own time is a full time job for me.

In Greensboro I met a lady from Hampton university, Dr. Gladys White, who believed that children from poor families, minority races, or across the tracks from the wealthy could learn and think. She taught English and recruited me to teach math. Our purpose was to get young students to pass the SAT test. We did this for over 25 years in Greensboro. Generations of youth have passed through our program. We watched educational fads crash and burn. Public education became an euphorism for failed education. If you want your child educated find them a teacher who can teach. A mentor who can guide them. A teacher is not someone who can’t do nor must be approved by the NEA.

In my retirement I read and try to write, now and then turn on the light bulb in a young mind. I have lived long enough to recognize value. Evil has broached the highest boundaries of society. The veneer of civilization is wearing off the base metal of society. The elite believe that all should be sacrificed for them. We endure in spite of their false belief. God blesses the family that teaches the will to survive and overcome.

So keep coming back as I try to keep improving and hopefully not corrupt the minds of the young. This blog will meander around for and against many topics or even fads of present society.

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