Beat The SAT Math Like A Rug!

Beat The SAT Math Like A Rug!

In a small church's fellowship hall over twenty-five years ago a systems engineer from IBM and an English professor joined forces to help minority students overcome the SAT. It took a couple of years but we succeeded. We started with 7th graders and they could score 500+ in mathematics and English on the SAT. From there we developed the Project CARE program. Coaching accelerates results effectively another way of saying mentoring.

Do you want:

  • Your student to make a college score on the SAT?
  • To SAT proof your student against the test?
  • To Develop a student's skill and performance on the SAT?
  • Your student to use strategies that successfully allow her or him to answer SAT questions?
  • Students to learn how to answer standardized tests?
  • Students to acquire problem solving skills?
  • A motivated, confident student facing a test he has beaten before?

No Brag on my part.

  • This book is the result of finding out what worked with students and the SAT.
  • No theories of teaching, untested fads of instruction from public education.
  • The mentors took their knocks regarding their mentoring ability. When the children started passing the SAT no one complained again!
  • I'm offering the value of that methodology to you or your student.
  • Don't be swamped by the sea of opinions, theories and secrets about passing the SAT.
  • Come to our safe harbor and get to work.

Book Goals

SAT Score Which one do you need?

How do you answer SAT questions?

What is the Math on the SAT?

Is the SAT looking for average students?

SAT strategies that work!

The SAT isn't your friend.

How to study for the SAT.

Practice SAT tests the secret of scoring big.

Buy It Now for
$ 2.99

Yes! Kindle's Amazon website distributes my eBook. That's the link above.  Let my twenty-five years of mentoring minority youth to score a minimum of 500+ work for you.

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There's nothing wrong with using what works.

How can one book do that?

  • Others may not, but my book can!
  • My book is supported by a free website for students.
    1. Students have email access to the author.
    2. Students submit practice tests online for score & diagnosis.
    3. Strategies for the SAT Math test are delivered.
    4. Web links to SAT information that is pertinent.
    5. Math aids for fractions, percentages, and ratios.
    6. Mnemonics for our students is simple and it works.
    7. A database to track student SAT Math test progress.
    8. Access to worked out answers to the test questions.
  • The author reviews students test for weaknesses he can teach to.
  • Teach the student through reviewing what was answered wrong & what was omitted.
  • No wasted time mentoring a student on what he or she already knows!
  • Surely the price of my book is reasonable!
  • Free enrollment:
  • Email if you have questions about the book.

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