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You are here out of curiosity, as a student or just want to poke the tires. What ever the reason, welcome to SAT MATH. We offer a free newsletter and mathematical aids. This site adds the Internet component to the successful PROJECT CARE approach. That approach has been used for over twenty-five years to enable youths to score 500+ on the math SAT test.

We believe:

  • That strategies for answering SAT questions exist and should be used.
  • Students need to practice for the SAT math test.
  • One needs to know what's on the SAT math test.
  • Students should know how the test is scored.
  • The real test should not be taken until you know what grade you can score.


  • Student effort
  • Use of mnemonics
  • Reviewing student's math foundation
  • Correct above if necessary.
  • Do as we say not as you think or prefer.
  • Student will learn from real SAT tests what to study and current SAT score.
  • Student must commit to doing what is necessary to obtaining high scores.


  • Beating the SAT Math Like A Rug!
  • College Board SAT study guide
  • Tutor Ted's SAT solutions manual
  • PC and this website.
  • Willingness to do what is required for high SAT score.

No scram or pie in the sky! No overnight claims of success. Just old fashion will and work mixed with time will bring about the desired results. The SAT math isn't high-school math. The SAT tests the basic and fundamentals of math, algebra and geometry concepts. No rocket scientist need apply. The taking of an algebra or geometry class is not mandatory. Seventh graders passed the SAT test under Project Care mentoring. They haven't had algebra or geometry yet. I haven't written the book or developed the website from a profit motive. No usage fees are imposed on this web site. Your costs are books only! My book and the Internet is all you really need. Tutor Ted's manual shows how to answer the SAT questions. College Board study guide is to provide ten practice SATs (10).

The student still has to provide the work and effort to learn to beat the SAT.