Word & HTML Formatting Guide (A Step by Step Guide)

Word & HTML Formatting Guide
(A Step by Step Guide)

New Smashwords eBook

Want easy eBook builds with Microsoft’s Word? End the nightmare of Word. Learn Word’s eBook solutions. Learn what you need to know! The solution is a buying decision away.


  • Broken lists
  • Microsoft’s formatting styles
  • Image problems
  • Cut and paste editing screws up Word’s styling.

The solution is a click away.

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Free Bonus Booklets

Click here to receive up to three bonuses!

I have finally added the bonus booklets promised in my last non-fiction book. A thank you for buying or reviewing my latest book.

Progress is being made on Unread Biblical Themes Volume 3. The topic is the death of Christ. I expect mid-June to be its release date!

See my other works here.

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Once Again Into the Fray

I had the opportunity to help a new self-publish author get her work up on Amazon KDP. Her last formatter procrastinated and quit on her. Scrivener was able to wrap up this gig in 75 minutes. This software produced an ePub, Mobi, and PDF files for me lickedly split. She is now on her way to publish for Kindle.

There was no charge for someone who has gone through hell unnecessarily.

We all need help every now and then!

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Unread Biblical Themes (Volume 2 Ancient Aliens)

Just released last weekend in Amazon’s book store.

View Here

Have ancient aliens visited us in the past?

If true, how do we relate it to God?

Am I saying that God was or is an alien? Perhaps a being with superior technology than us who created and watched us for his own purposes!

The gods of mankind past were merely space travelers who influenced us by their presence and technology. A premise from the ancient astronauts theory seeking proof and validation today. Try to keep an open mind as I dust off my Bibles and examine what is said about this topic. This author is interested in the encounters of the first kind, not the third kind.

  1. Is God supernatural?
  2. Does He Live out in the universe?
  3. Will He come to earth?
  4. Is man His design?
  5. Is the ruler of this planet a supernatural being?
  6. What if anything are we going to do about this information?

Take the journey by buying this book!

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Chief Cook,Table Waiter, Bottle Washer, and Juggler

The blog title describes the skills an eBook author possesses. Or perhaps, wishes he or she didn’t have to acknowledge. The chief cook sets the menu and captures the readers’ palate. Through his hands the eBook is originated, then crafted into the succulent morsel the readers didn’t know they craved.

A waiter gathers the order and fulfills it from the chef’s menu. Presentation often seals the purchase. We are talking about the book publisher.

Someone needs to clean up the book. To make it shine and sparkle in the eyes of the customer. Give it the quality trappings a customer expects. The bottle washer remains in the kitchen.

The juggler works behind the eBook product line. There a typo, over there a wrong spelling. Where is the author’s biography? This is the cover I ordered for the book? What do you mean the deadline is today? Don’t pester me with problems — produce solutions!

By the time the eBook is published; you will never want the creative spirit process again!
Yeah, it started out as a simple process, of writing a few words over the course of few days, wound up being months out your life. There is no one here to help you with this creative mess. Except for sleeping dog underfoot and a cat who thinks his tail should obscure the screen when she prowls by claiming ownership of the keyboard. Drat it!

Guess what? The royalty check came in today!

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What Goes Into Self-Publishing an EBook

The assumption is that you have written a book and you’re ready to self-publish it. Did you act on the following considerations?

  1. Miss-spelled words
  2. Faulty sentence construction
  3. Grammar mistakes
  4. Faulty logic
  5. Clarity in writing style missing
  6. Book styling mistakes

Your book’s manuscript is free of typos, extra spaces, and symbols that won’t translate well into an eBook. You now have three choices from which to choose one.

  1. HTML
  2. Word
  3. Scrivener

Item 1, gives you total control over the styling of your manuscript into an eBook. A knowledge of the ePub standard, HTML, and CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) will be required.

Item 2, Microsoft Word can style a nice looking manuscript as you think it should look. Strange styling errors happen when you attempt to submit it to a publisher to produce an eBook. Your manuscript needs to be squeaky clean and follow the publisher’s guidelines.

Item 3, is my favorite software and method of producing an eBook, PDF, or Word output. Write once and compile the manuscript into various outputs. For my purposes, eBooks will be either Kindle Mobi, ePub, or PDF for publishing.

Now a eye grabbing book cover has been designed for your eBook. This you may do yourself or outsource it. You really do want a good cover  design! A book description that hooks the reader into buying your eBook. What rights, royalty, do you want and can get from the publisher?  What categories will your eBook be placed in along with what keywords should be used to find it. The last step is to promote this sucker!

You will make mistakes. With a methodology you will catch the mistakes instead of your reader. I current outsource the proofreading and cover design. Even though, I do proofreading; I need another set of eyes to look at and correct my manuscript. It is a necessary expense to a quality eBook.

There you have it. A brief synopsis of eBook production.

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Mobile Ready for Google

My mobile ready website that answers Mobilegeddon doomsayers by being responsive to
phone, tablets, androids, and PCs displays. http://www.rnewton.net is the new URL. Take a look at it and sign  up to receive emails when I release a new eBook.

Now its time to stick my nose back into research mode on my newest non-fiction eBook. See yah next week!

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Were We Visited in the Past by Ancient Alien Astronauts?

My next Christian book is a simple look at the premise of the “Ancient Astronauts” TV series. Were we visited in the dim past by supernatural aliens? Did they genetically enhance us or just mess with our DNA? Think about it, most Christians would say God was supernatural.

Man was visited by a god long before Jesus Christ’s feet walked on the earth. My research is under way on this topic. I believe it will be an interesting study whose destination is still in doubt.

Some sub-topics could be:

  • Did God visit us in the past?
  • Does God rule this planet?
  • Was mankind made in his image?
  • What does God want of us?
  • What is mankind’s destiny?

So far, the research has been interesting. Will update you more later.

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New EBook Release Over the Weekend


My new Christian non-fiction book was released this weekend.

Buy it HERE!

Unread Biblical Themes

Volume 1 Journey

What does the Bible say about:

  1. Jesus Christ
  2. Man having a soul.
  3. Why we die
  4. Where are the blacks in the Bible?
  5. Why do I have this life?
  6. A cemetery visit and its lessons.
  7. Rich and Poor
  8. Early Christians were poor!
  9. Who does God work with?
  10. How God does business?
  11. What God can do through you?

What is there to find out that is meaningful in the Bible?

One author’s attempt to see.

Bible Study Guide

Cover for new eBook

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Scrivener Windows EBook Creator

DIY EBook Guide

DIY EBook Guide

Yeah! It it finally released today on Amazon.com browse by and take a look.

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