What’s Going on in 2016?


2016 brought with it successes and bad news from the Association of American Publisher regarding pubishing. Sales in the first half of 1016 were 5.37 billion dollars.

  • Adult books down by 2.8 %.
  • Children and YA books up by 0.9 %.
  • Religions books up by 10.4 %.
  • Ebooks were down by 20 %.
  • Paperback books grew by 8.8%
  • Audio downloads grew by 32.3 %.

Surprises to me were religious books gains over first six month of 2015. Need to investigate what genres are growing in religion book markets. Looks like I will definitely using CreateSpace to produce paperback book copies of my ebook. Ebook decline continues so authors should focus on finding niches that sells.

What’s up with audio downloads? That’s a big jump! See more date at http://publishers.org/

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