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Some of us have never been afflicted with the misery of creating witty, cute headlines or book titles. It has never been an easy or enjoyable task for me.

Then I stumbled across the solution:

  • 700 Titles Generator, that’s correct, though not all of them are gems.
  • Title-Maker generated the title below. I hope Michael isn’t reading this blog today.

12 Ways

Greensboro Small City Politics

are Cooler than

Michael Jordan



  1. Vice Liaison to the Committee on Strategic Employee Compliance – Estimated salary: $86,381
  2. Deputy Associate Chancellor of the Task Force on Neighborhood Diversity – Estimated salary: $132,147
  3.  Associate Executive for the Subcommittee for Employee Climate – Estimated salary: $263,251

Salaries seem awful good or barely reasonable in today’s politically correct environment.

Slogan-Maker made the following for the word sin:

  • Sin is a cut above the rest.
  • Sin’s got it all!
  • You’re in good hands with sin.
  • There’s first love and then there’s sin love.

I’ve spent too much time & energy on this. There’s work to be done–snicker.