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I’m tired and sick of the political talking heads on mass media who believe that we care about what they say. Are you fed up with the assault on your intelligence by television’s news reporters? If so take the pledge.

I refuse to dumb myself down by over dosing on network news.

One hour of CNN is enough. Consider it my blood pressure exercise to keep the arteries and veins functioning.

This election cycle honors the tradition of forgetting a politician’s failings but rewarding a politician’s virtues with punishment.

What’s the difference between a white lie, a black lie, and a politician’s lie?

  • A white lie serves to protect you.
  • A black lie’s intent is to hurt you.
  • A politician’s lie is about your vote, money, and approval. It’s not about whether you’re supposed to believe it.


Instead of political parties spending money on political ads and their air time place, I suggest that they simply divide up the funds by the number of voting citizens in the last election and send them a check.

According to Soft Money spending was $ 421.3 million for years 2001 – 2002. The population of the United States is estimated to be 323 million and counting according to

In the 2014 November general election 83,262,122 ballots were cast out of 227,157 964 people in the voting population. That’s about 36 % of the voting population. I estimate that is about $ 5 dollars per ballot.

Don’t expect your check in the mail yet! I’m using political funds totals of the 2002 year to ballots cast in 2014. I’m also saying there might be a large discrepancy in my figures.

Still, I could have a senior coffee and breakfast biscuit at McDonalds one morning for that amount of money, It would be better than the hot air from the politicians. I would receive value for my vote instead of unfulfilled promises!

As voters we appear to be already sliced and diced by demographic denominations important to the elected elite. We don’t really elect public servants anymore. Cartoon character “Yogi Bear” used to claim he was smarter than the average bear. If Obama and Hillary were running for the office of president, I would say that dumb and dumber would be our Democratic Party choices. Contrast that with the Republican Trump who has no political candidate experience except contributing money to politicians.

Yes, the upcoming election will tire me. Truth, common sense, and the intelligence of the American voter are under attack. I suspect we will be besieged by LIV (Low Information Voters) that being those who don’t have enough information to make a rational informed choice on what political candidate or issue to vote on.

This doesn’t mean LIV are stupid or gods forbid Republicans. LIV’s just don’t have the information needed to vote. Mass media is dumbing down Americans. America is browning in my opinion and political power is determined by who votes and their number. Racial profiling applies to politics and elections in this country. Immigration, welfare entitlements, civil rights, social security, and those in the LGBT crowd are the touch stones of political victory. They must be catered to if you want to win! They represent the future voter growth denominations.

Somewhere along the way common sense and a modicum of intelligence was lost in this political process.