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Can Draft2Digital Do the POD Paperback Formatting?

Draft2Digital provided a new POD (Print On Demand) paperback option in addition to ePub, Mobi, and PDF eBook file media. I said to myself. “Does it work?”  Well, it’s close to being perfect formatting; but, you will need to do some doc or docx editing.

This was discovered when publishing my ePub eBook from a Word doc file with Draft2Digital help. Download PDF file for a paperback option appeared and I took it.

What happened?

  • Front matter and back matter, content formatted.
  • Chapter body text fully justified except when centered desired.
  • Drop cap styling in Word file ignored, not converted.
  • Alternating book title & author name headers nicely created.
  • Bullet lists & numbered lists were correctly formatted.
  • 5 and 8.5-inch trim size only supported

What didn’t happen?

  • Chapter beginnings didn’t always start on an odd numbered page.
  • Didn’t use enough page breaks to align chapter beginnings to odd pages.
  • No front & back and spine cover images were generated. You will need to produce your own covers.
  • Page numbering and headers begin on the first page of the file.

Not bad for single pass through the publishing path producing an eBook of ePub or Mobi, a PDF, and a Print On Demand (POD) paperback. More research on my part will continue to see how close I may come to creating a paperback book.


My CreateSpace journey has been one of struggle because of my lack of printed book publication experience. Choosing the best trim size for my paperback books. Then selecting the appropriate margins, gutter and margins for the interior design of my books. Next up was the cover image front, back, and spine. My major struggle was with headers, footers, and page numbers in my books. The choice of heading and body text fonts seemed to never end until I found two I could live with on my cover and inside my book.

All the work and struggles occurred in Word for my CreateSpace books. Finally, a YouTube video showed me how to handle headers and footers for my paperback books.

Now the next major project is to convert all my eBooks into CreateSpace paperbacks. Holding a physical book, I wrote in my hands still delights me.


Derek Murphy’s website has new videos that will immensely help your CreateSpace works. He also gives good b

What’s Going on in 2016?


2016 brought with it successes and bad news from the Association of American Publisher regarding pubishing. Sales in the first half of 1016 were 5.37 billion dollars.

  • Adult books down by 2.8 %.
  • Children and YA books up by 0.9 %.
  • Religions books up by 10.4 %.
  • Ebooks were down by 20 %.
  • Paperback books grew by 8.8%
  • Audio downloads grew by 32.3 %.

Surprises to me were religious books gains over first six month of 2015. Need to investigate what genres are growing in religion book markets. Looks like I will definitely using CreateSpace to produce paperback book copies of my ebook. Ebook decline continues so authors should focus on finding niches that sells.

What’s up with audio downloads? That’s a big jump! See more date at