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Ronald E. Newton was a network consultant for IBM. Time was spent in the military with the USAF on intelligence duties. He was born in Bridgeton, NJ and graduated from Marist College located in Poughkeepsie, NY. He subsequently married Doris. One daughter and two sons were raised.

Solitary duty assignments like Pershawar, Pakistan provided time to write. The writing involved holiday greetings, what is it like here, or a few love letters wanted by the troops for home. The military always had reports or evaluations to be written.

Later in life I became a mentor to teenaged students. What was taught were the SAT English & mathematics tests. This led to setting up and maintaining websites for the GED and SAT. Various blogs were started to support students interests. Now I offer free websites to teach mathematics for the GED and SAT.

I always had a bent for religion and served in church as Deacon and Sunday School teacher.Hobbies would be pistol shooting, reading, mentoring students, freelance writing and keeping my cars running.

Author currently lives in Greensboro, NC, a rural bustling metropolis for textiles, furniture, and colleges.


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Email Address: ronald@rnewton.net