PublishXpress website has an application that will turn a Word docx file into an ePub and a Mobi file. For those who publish with Word this might be a good tool to investigate. I’m not an affiliate for this company.

I tried it and it did do the conversions. Don’t know how long the website will be up. I hope forever (smile). Anyone who uses it and likes the output; please send me a comment on it.


Some of us have never been afflicted with the misery of creating witty, cute headlines or book titles. It has never been an easy or enjoyable task for me.

Then I stumbled across the solution:

  • 700 Titles Generator, that’s correct, though not all of them are gems.
  • Title-Maker generated the title below. I hope Michael isn’t reading this blog today.

12 Ways

Greensboro Small City Politics

are Cooler than

Michael Jordan



  1. Vice Liaison to the Committee on Strategic Employee Compliance – Estimated salary: $86,381
  2. Deputy Associate Chancellor of the Task Force on Neighborhood Diversity – Estimated salary: $132,147
  3.  Associate Executive for the Subcommittee for Employee Climate – Estimated salary: $263,251

Salaries seem awful good or barely reasonable in today’s politically correct environment.

Slogan-Maker made the following for the word sin:

  • Sin is a cut above the rest.
  • Sin’s got it all!
  • You’re in good hands with sin.
  • There’s first love and then there’s sin love.

I’ve spent too much time & energy on this. There’s work to be done–snicker.




The last few days of May have been dreary in my opinion. Umbrellas have not become an accessory staple carried by all yet, though more attention is being spent on weather speculation or what weather men call “the prediction.” It doesn’t really matter since we will get whatever is in store weather wise tomorrow.

Looking out my office window at the natural area in front of me, I see how damp the ground is. My eyes also see the blooming flowers and plant life. It rains on them as well as us. Still live goes on for all of us.

For now the weather is great for them. By August the dog days will be upon us. Then Greensboro will have turned into a light Brownsboro. This widespread affliction exists primarily due to seasonal hot temperatures occurring in our small city.

My 24 inch monitor screen beckons me to return and write some more words. I guess I’ll answer the siren’s call.

Got an EBook to Read?

Hello All:

It feels good to be blogging once again. After April 26, I will be searching the universe for beta readers of my new non-fiction book on self-publishing.

As an author the last thing you want to do is format an eBook for Amazon, Smashwords, and my new darling Draft2Digital. For many writers it’s a fruitless exercise similar to corralling cats. Just when you think you got them where you want, they break for freedom.

The book is a short read because I’m not concentrating on:

  • How the muse will strike you and make a fortune with you.
  • Why and how to sell eBooks?
  • What affiliates that kick back to me that you can spend your money on!

What I seek to accomplish is making self-publishing easier and faster for you once again.

  1. Would you like to start your eBook with Microsoft Word or OpenOffice word processor?
  2. Convert the manuscript to HTML code at the press of an online button.
  3. Use a free software named SIGIL to generate a table of contents you can edit in your book. Plus create an ePub book. Kindle Previewer will convert an ePub book into a Kindle Mobi eBook for you.
  4. Upload information for KDP, Smashwords, and Draft2Digital portals.
  5. What other free web resources have I found of use in creating eBooks?

What does a beta reader do? Merely instruct mortals like myself on how they missed the boat. You get to critique my writing with the brutality of a cat of nine tails stroke across a miscreant’s back.

And you say, what do YOU get out of reading my beta books? You get to influence me and possibly make my book better for the reader. You also get the benefit of my methodology making formatting the eBook easier. This old author has learned some new tricks.

Oh by the way, it’s free to the first 25 readers. Send me an email address

by where I can send a free PDF copy of the book back to  you.

Around and Around It Goes

Is it just me that wonders what is attractive to bathroom users out in public? Did masses of gender diversity folks suddenly wake up and realize that some people are transgendered normal people? How do you tell and do you really want to?

Other than my children who do I get to tell what bathroom they use? Why is the great state of North Carolina investing money, hot air, and time on the bathroom gender issue? Will the governor review birth certificates in the bathrooms?

Hopefully an accommodation will be made that includes everyone’s rights. Then those supportive of political correctness will be free to find fault elsewhere.

Meanwhile,  back at the elect Clinton or Trump campaigns are there signs of a second coming of a peacemaker on the political horizon? Can’t we all just get along this political season?

Pray for our military service members and welcome them home when you see them.

Hello world!

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