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My CreateSpace journey has been one of struggle because of my lack of printed book publication experience. Choosing the best trim size for my paperback books. Then selecting the appropriate margins, gutter and margins for the interior design of my books. Next up was the cover image front, back, and spine. My major struggle was with headers, footers, and page numbers in my books. The choice of heading and body text fonts seemed to never end until I found two I could live with on my cover and inside my book.

All the work and struggles occurred in Word for my CreateSpace books. Finally, a YouTube video showed me how to handle headers and footers for my paperback books.

Now the next major project is to convert all my eBooks into CreateSpace paperbacks. Holding a physical book, I wrote in my hands still delights me.


Derek Murphy’s website https://www.youtube.com/user/holyblasphemy123 has new videos that will immensely help your CreateSpace works. He also gives good b


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Today I sent my newest non-fiction eBook out into the cruel world to earn  a living for me! The books topic is self-publishing. It will be nice for me if it makes passive income for me. There is nothing better than receiving OPM. Other People’s Money spends well when I receive it.

I gently lead the reader from their created manuscript to self-publishing a properly formatted eBook for Amazon Kindle or other ePub readers. You won’t learn how to write a book. You will instead learn how to produce one starting with a word processor. Convert the manuscript into an HTML file and style with a CSS stylesheet.

Your will be shown the methodology and tools to do so when you buy it at Amazon eBooks https://www.amazon.com/How-Guide-Easier-Publishing-Beginners-ebook/dp/B01GIT4UM0  or through one of Draft2Digital’s ePub distributors. The software product Sigil is the real key to producing ePub eBooks.

Not using Smashwords as an eBook distributor this time.