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This course will be opening soon once the vouchers are set. I want some beta students to take the course and comment on its weaknesses, suggest an improvement, and tell me what worked.

The course will guide you in the tasks of turning a word processing fiction or non-fiction manuscript into an eBook.


  • An Amazon Kindle Mobi eBook
  • An Epub eBook for Apple, Nook, Kobo

You will use Open Office or Microsoft Word software to write the book manuscript. How to turn to manuscript into HTML code will be addressed. Styling of the HTML code by CSS will be shown to you.


  • Open Office or Word processor
  • Internet HTML conversion website
  • Notepad++ my favorite editor
  • Sigil software will create Kindle and non-Kindle eBooks at will.
  • Lectures, video screen captures of eBook production tasks. Coupled with a workbook in PDF, Epub, or Mobi format.

You will get your hands dirty creating four eBooks, two for fiction work and two for non-fiction. Writing templates for Word or OpenOffice are provided to you for download. Except for Microsoft Word the software I demonstrate to create eBooks are free. Note I said; you will create eBooks. I show you how and answer questions about the self-publishing tasks you perform. You may refer to my four eBooks as your behind the scenes reference.

This course will not teach you how to write, or produce paperback books. It’s all about making eBooks. You must do the exercises to get hands on learning. Otherwise, it’s just armchair learning not put in practice. Yes, I will mentor you to create eBooks.

If interested email me ronald@rnewton.net for a course voucher for 66% off of the full price.




Yep, I tried successfully to use Createspace to publish a hardbound version of my new eBook “How to Guide: Easier, Faster EBook Publishing for Beginners.” The questions were easy to read but what they meant wasn’t.

Ignorance of publishing terms contributed to my confusion. So I did the research to clear the term I didn’t know. Then I figured out how to do running headers and footer with Microsoft Word. Now I was rolling right along with interior book design and cover art.

I did the interior book design formatting with Word. Fiverr.com was used to produce my PDF cover for my book.  It was only $ 15 and 24 hours of wait time.

My book is scheduled for a final review yesterday. Next step will be a printed copy for my review and approval. If I say yes, it goes up in the Createspace and Amazon eBook catalog within 14 hours of my approval.

My grown children don’t consider eBooks to be real books. Hard bound books rule followed by paperback books. True, holding your own book is a thrill and an additional reason to do book signings.

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