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My CreateSpace journey has been one of struggle because of my lack of printed book publication experience. Choosing the best trim size for my paperback books. Then selecting the appropriate margins, gutter and margins for the interior design of my books. Next up was the cover image front, back, and spine. My major struggle was with headers, footers, and page numbers in my books. The choice of heading and body text fonts seemed to never end until I found two I could live with on my cover and inside my book.

All the work and struggles occurred in Word for my CreateSpace books. Finally, a YouTube video showed me how to handle headers and footers for my paperback books.

Now the next major project is to convert all my eBooks into CreateSpace paperbacks. Holding a physical book, I wrote in my hands still delights me.


Derek Murphy’s website https://www.youtube.com/user/holyblasphemy123 has new videos that will immensely help your CreateSpace works. He also gives good b


This course will be opening soon once the vouchers are set. I want some beta students to take the course and comment on its weaknesses, suggest an improvement, and tell me what worked.

The course will guide you in the tasks of turning a word processing fiction or non-fiction manuscript into an eBook.


  • An Amazon Kindle Mobi eBook
  • An Epub eBook for Apple, Nook, Kobo

You will use Open Office or Microsoft Word software to write the book manuscript. How to turn to manuscript into HTML code will be addressed. Styling of the HTML code by CSS will be shown to you.


  • Open Office or Word processor
  • Internet HTML conversion website
  • Notepad++ my favorite editor
  • Sigil software will create Kindle and non-Kindle eBooks at will.
  • Lectures, video screen captures of eBook production tasks. Coupled with a workbook in PDF, Epub, or Mobi format.

You will get your hands dirty creating four eBooks, two for fiction work and two for non-fiction. Writing templates for Word or OpenOffice are provided to you for download. Except for Microsoft Word the software I demonstrate to create eBooks are free. Note I said; you will create eBooks. I show you how and answer questions about the self-publishing tasks you perform. You may refer to my four eBooks as your behind the scenes reference.

This course will not teach you how to write, or produce paperback books. It’s all about making eBooks. You must do the exercises to get hands on learning. Otherwise, it’s just armchair learning not put in practice. Yes, I will mentor you to create eBooks.

If interested email me ronald@rnewton.net for a course voucher for 66% off of the full price.



Got an EBook to Read?

Hello All:

It feels good to be blogging once again. After April 26, I will be searching the universe for beta readers of my new non-fiction book on self-publishing.

As an author the last thing you want to do is format an eBook for Amazon, Smashwords, and my new darling Draft2Digital. For many writers it’s a fruitless exercise similar to corralling cats. Just when you think you got them where you want, they break for freedom.

The book is a short read because I’m not concentrating on:

  • How the muse will strike you and make a fortune with you.
  • Why and how to sell eBooks?
  • What affiliates that kick back to me that you can spend your money on!

What I seek to accomplish is making self-publishing easier and faster for you once again.

  1. Would you like to start your eBook with Microsoft Word or OpenOffice word processor?
  2. Convert the manuscript to HTML code at the press of an online button.
  3. Use a free software named SIGIL to generate a table of contents you can edit in your book. Plus create an ePub book. Kindle Previewer will convert an ePub book into a Kindle Mobi eBook for you.
  4. Upload information for KDP, Smashwords, and Draft2Digital portals.
  5. What other free web resources have I found of use in creating eBooks?

What does a beta reader do? Merely instruct mortals like myself on how they missed the boat. You get to critique my writing with the brutality of a cat of nine tails stroke across a miscreant’s back.

And you say, what do YOU get out of reading my beta books? You get to influence me and possibly make my book better for the reader. You also get the benefit of my methodology making formatting the eBook easier. This old author has learned some new tricks.

Oh by the way, it’s free to the first 25 readers. Send me an email address

by ronald@rnewton.net where I can send a free PDF copy of the book back to  you.